Undying Undead

This template is for creating undead that just won’t stay down.

Creating an Undying Undead
This is an acquired template that can be addedd to any corporeal undead.
Size and Type: Size and Type do not change.
Special Quality: The undying undead retains all the qualities of the base undead and gains the following abilty.
Undying (Su): When an undying undead is destroyed it comes back to “life” the next round as long as most of its body is intact. On its initiative the round following the round it was destroyed, it revives with full hit points and all negative status conditions removed (positive effects still remain). Also at the time it is revived, the undead can stand up as a free action if able. If any limbs (arms, leg, head, etc.) are separated from the main body they will attempt to inch towards the main body at a speed of 10 ft. per round. When they enter the space of the main bosy, they automatically reattach. When the undead creature is destroyed it is considered a corpse (object) until it is revived.

*Optional special note: The undying ability reacts differently when paired with an ability that casues some type of burst effect on death, such as the corpsecrafter feat Destruction Retribution. If the undead can be revived by the undying ability there is only a 50% chance the burst ability will go off. If the burst effect does go off, the undead is reduced to ashes preventing it from then being revived.

Challenge Rating: Same as the base undead +1
Level Adjustment: Same as the base undead +4

Undying Undead

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